In a new interview with Vibe Vixen, 106 & Park Host Keisha Chante talks about her gig at 106, dissing Bow Wow when they first met and why they don't party together.

The talented singer says that her relationship with the rapper is strictly platonic. The two first met when she blew off Bow Wow's request to be the leading lady in his video for the 2006 single "Shorty Like Mine" with Chris Brown.

"We were both on Sony US years ago and I was 18 probably and when we did the "Shorty Like Mine" Chris Brown music video. My marketing manager at the label called me and was like "Do you want to be the lead girl? Bow Wow's going to send you a text and cordially ask you to be in the video." So, he invited me, but he did it in a very "you wanna come chill with me," like trying to like pull a move and I wasn't really receptive. So, we got to LA and he was like "she's the worst" because he was trying to be cute and I wasn't about it. So I ended up being Chris Brown's lead girl. And he called Angela [Simmons] to save the day. Now we just tease each other, so it's cool. It ended up working out."

She also calls Bow Wow her 'Lil Bro,' which is a big reason why she doesn't party with him.

"He's like my little/big brother; however, you want to look at it. He picks on me, I pick on him. I don't turn up with him. I've decided not to because he'll roll into work and be like, "Man, last night was crazy. I'm so tired, Kesh." And I'm like no, I can't live like you. He's a fun person."