Master P chopped it up with VladTV in this exclusive interview where he spoke on his street past helping him have the drive needed to obtain the level of success he earned over the years.  He began by speaking on his origins growing up in rough neighborhoods in both New Orleans and the Bay Area, and how he got his hustle drive during his time spent in the Bay.  

Master P recalled losing his brother, who he says was killed by his own "best friend" at the time, and it is because of this that Master P doesn't think he has any real friends.  He went on to address his early and very financially beneficial record deal and how he went on to sell well over 75 million records.  He compared his early drive to constantly put out hits to new rappers now slacking off after they release one hot song.  It is because of his drive to release bangers that his fans really feel, that Master P considers himself the "Michael Jordan of street Hip-Hop."