Atlanta group "We Are Toonz" open up about their viral hit "Drop That NaeNae," which they reveal came about while they were warming up for one of their shows, trying to figure out a funny skit. One of the group members thought that the dance could be a hit, so they made a video, and the response was overwhelming.

When asked about meeting up with Dwight Howard, We Are Toonz explained that the NBA star was putting out Instagram videos of him doing the dance, and fans were tagging them in the comments section. Dwight then reached out to the group on private message, telling them that he had something in mind for NBA All Star Weekend. After they exchanged contact information, Dwight traveled down to Atlanta, where they shot the official video for their hit.

We Are Toonz also set the record straight on who created the dance, telling viewers not to believe in others claiming the dance as their own, because they created it. They even bust out their original dance moves to prove their point.