The 2014 Winter Olympic Games don't kick off until Friday, but already they're looking to be a debacle. At a cost of $51 billion, this year's Games in the Russian city of Sochi are far and away the most expensive Olympics ever. However, despite the astounding amount of money already spent (the IOC estimates that up to one third of the entire budget was embezzled by contractors and officials), the infrastructure is still far from being up to the task of hosting the biggest sporting event on earth.

As journalists from all over the world descend on Sochi, they've been taking to social media to reveal the abhorrent conditions they're encountering, and many of the tweets have been intentionally hilarious.

Stray animals everywhere, hotels missing entire lobbies, and toxic tap water are just some of the current perils the media faces in Sochi.

Take a look up top at some of the photos and tweets from journalists.