Things can get ugly when relationships are threatened, and that is exactly the case with Shay Johnson and Bambi who exchanged words recently on Instagram.  As it is customary these days to throw shade without directly mentioning a person's name, the slander at times is direct enough to know who exactly the target for the harsh words are.  

Scrappy, who celebrated his 30th birthday at the legendary King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, appeared on Shay's Instagram as they sat together inside of the club.  The image alone may have been enough of a jab at his girl Bambi, who took seemed to take offense to another woman posting photos of her man spending time with someone other than her inside of a strip club, so she fired back with a subtle, yet obvious Instagram message of her own.

She posted a picture with the text "No #SideChick formed against me shall prosper," along with a funny emoji at the end.  This of course, prompted Shay to respond with a follow-up Instagram post, stating that a relationship title means nothing if the actions committed by those involved don't add up to being faithful to one person.

Check out the relationship drama above.