Was Russell Wilson really flirting with Beyonce while sitting next to her husband Jay Z, courtside at the Nets game last night?  Highly doubtful, but the Twitter world seems to think otherwise based off of all of the tweets that have been posted poking fun at the trio of celebrities sitting next to one another.  Wilson, whose well-rounded QB skills just lead the Seattle Seahawks to a 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos, was seen sitting next to Mr. and Mrs. Carter at the Nets game last night, and based off of their facial features that were caught on the live broadcast, Twitter has managed to come up with their own wild assumptions of what was really going on.

In a few camera shots they are smiling, and in others Jay maintains a rather serious demeanor while his wife Beyonce looks on at a smiling Wilson with focused eyes.  People played on these slight changes in facial expressions as their conversation carried on naturally in real time in order to spin the story out of control that Wilson and Beyonce, were actually exchanging flirtatious glances.  

Check out the many Twitter reactions to Russell Wilson sitting with Jay Z and Beyonce courtside at the Nets game, above.

Source: bossip.com