George Zimmerman's upcoming celebrity boxing match still has no opponent for Zimmerman. Earlier in the week The Game openly volunteered to "beat the f**k" out of the man, but Zimmerman says he'd rather box DMX instead. But according to a recent TMZ report, Zimmerman's promoters are saying that he wants to box Kanye West for his history of attacking "defenseless people."

Promoters are saying that the boxing match between Zimmerman and Kanye would be great seeing as the two are viewed negatively in the public eye.

According to George Zimmerman's promoters, Zimmerman's beef with Kanye is that, in addition to attacking paparazzi, he has a reputation of "attacking the innocents as well." TMZ brings up the 18-year-old who Kanye allegedly beat up following the man shouting "ni**er lover" at Kim Kardashian.

The promoters say that if Kanye takes George Zimmerman up on the offer they're willing to move the fight to Los Angeles. No word from Kanye West.

Who would you take in a fight? Kanye West or George Zimmerman? Online sources say that Kanye is 5'8" while Zimmerman stands in at 5'7". It'd be a pretty even fight as far as that goes. Is this a fight you'd be interested in seeing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TMZ