Rumors of a Battle Rap reality TV show that previously began courtesy of an Instagram post from Jack Thriller, have actually turned out to be far more than just rumors.  Eminem and his Slaughterhouse crew have actually put together an official reality TV show featuring some of Battle Rap's elite and most well-known names in the sport.  

The show, "The Road to Total Slaughter," pits eight Battle Rap vets together in an epic lyrical tournament, as they are forced to live in a house for one week and the audience will get to watch all of the drama unfold.  The lucky eight brought on for this groundbreaking experience are Dizaster, Daylyt, Math Hoffa, Cortez, Arsonal, Marv Won, Aye Verb, and Big T, however T-Rex seems to be included in the show in some way, so there may actually be nine or more battlers participating.  It looks like DJ Kay Slay will be active on the show as well, as he was photographed alongside all of the battlers for a promotional photo shoot.

Many battlers and fans have been tweeting about the epic new show, along with the likes of the members of Slaughterhouse. Some epic battles have already taken place in Brooklyn between the eight confirmed participants named above.  The response on Twitter has been greatly supportive.  Cortez, also announced that the show which is airing on MTV 2's RapFix Live, will feature the final matchup as a partnering headline battle for the epic rematch between...Loaded Lux vs Murda Mook!

That's right, on top of a fresh new Battle Rap reality TV series, Loaded Lux and Murda Mook will be battling again.  Right after taking on the biggest battle of his life vs Hollow Da Don, Loaded Lux has wasted no time preparing for his next big match.  Lux called out Mook on Twitter to which Mook responded, and it seems as though they're going to be gearing up for a battle in the near future.  Who do you think will win the "Total Slaughter" Battle Rap tournament, and who do you think will win the Loaded Lux vs Murda Mook rematch?

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