It's always seemed like Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce have had some kind of rivalry over the years, but they've kept things pretty civil. However, the Beyhive has been popping off on Twitter due to disparaging comments made by J-Hud in a recent Huffington Post interview which they say were directed at Beyonce.

When asked to name what she believes is overrated in the game right now, the Oscar and Grammy-winning artist didn't mince words.

"Girl, I can't. Ooooh ... Singing about the same old things in music is so overrated. Sex, drinkin', the club. Okay, especially sex. Like, we [are] grownups, we ain't got over that, like, really? Ain't you too old for that kind of thing? Can you talk about something else? I get annoyed with those things.

But I can't answer the last question, ohhh though I want to."

It's certainly understandable how that could be construed as a shot at Beyonce, considering how much of the content on her new album surrounds drinking and sex.

Hudson quickly responded to the slander on Twitter, accusing folks of jumping to conclusions.

Whatever the case, it would seem Twitter has already made up its mind. Check out a few tweets up top to see what we mean.

Do you believe Hudson was throwing shade at Bey?