Anyone who's seen model and video vixen Deelishis (and who hasn't?) knows she's got one of the most insane bodies in the game, and many have even gone so far as to accuse her of using Photoshop to accentuate her curves.

Deelishis has vehemently denied the claims, and to prove that her figure isn't digitally enhanced, she revealed her secret: an incredibly tight looking girdle made by a company called Waist Snatchers. 

The device, which the company claims promotes "waist training" and weight loss, fits around the midsection and secures with several hook and eye fasteners. Combined with a workout regimen, the Waist Snatcher will ostensibly give the user a tiny waist while leaving the hips and butt the same size.

It certainly seems to have worked for Deelishis. 

Check out a pic of the vixen wearing the garment up top.