Chief Keef's court ordered rehab seems to be going well for the 18-year-old. For starters it's kept him out of trouble and the rapper has also said he no longer "sips lean", the popular recreational drug. Keef took to Twitter last month to confirm this, writing, "King Keef Has no Genre Nor Language #JusGloTalk Understand Or suck my Duck Oan I don't sip lean nomo." And with his lean habit now kicked, he has also admitted that he didn't like his last couple of mixtapes. Why? Because he was on that very drug while recording and mixing the mixtapes.

"Yes I hate my own last mixtapes Cuz I was leaning and mixed them myself! Thought I Was! But I'm back No worries," he writes on Twitter. Chief Keef has recorded and released three mixtapes since making it big with "I Don't Like" in 2012 and the mixtapes Keef is referring to are the mixed reviewed "Bang Pt. 2" and "Almighty So".

When a fan on Twitter responded in shock to Chief Keef admitting hatred for his own work, Chief Keef replied with "I'm always keeping sh*t 300 but I stopped lean Time to turn up."

Chief Keef is slated to release the highly anticipated follow-up, "Bang Pt. 3", which he has promised will raise the murder rate due to its violent lyrics and turned up music. Fans have demanded that he return to his old ways before the lean habit took over and it looks like they may get what they have incessantly asked for.

Check out Chief Keef's tweets in the slide above.

Source: Twitter