Migos did it big last year with their hit single "Versace", a song that was a relentless frenzy of exuberance that made everyone from Drake to Justin Bieber to Donatella Versace herself excited by their words and unorthodox flow. The song was such a smash it was embraced by Donatella, sister of founder Gianni Versace, who played the song during Milian's fashion week last September.

Naturally, Migos, who are big fans of the brand, were honored by the way in which Donatella showed the Atlanta trio love. But, unfortunately they say they haven't seen anything from the song's huge success. During an interview with Global Grind, the group noted that Donatella has yet to reach out to them. "Donatella hasn't reached out to us," Quavo said.

The trio also argued, that in addition to the song's pop culture status, they've spent a lot of money on the Versace brand and want something in return. More Versace stuff. "I want some swag though, Donatella. Let me get something cause I'm tired of spending one rack, two racks, three racks, four racks everyday."

Of course this isn't the first time a rapper has made a song about a specific brand or product. You may recall Nelly penned "Air Force Ones" back in 2002, which in turn was free promotion for Nike. No word if Nelly received any compensation or "swag" for writing the hit song.

Check out the Migos interview in the video above.

Source: YouTube