Life appears to be going well for Tamera Mowry, one half of the identical twin leads of the '90s television sitcom "Sister, Sister." With a hit reality show, a supportive husband and now, her role as a first time mother, she's doing quite good. As happy as this time is in her life, Tamera's interracial relationship and biracial child are the target of negative commentary from fans and critics alike. The new mother set the critics straight by addressing crude comments made about her marriage and her baby's skin color.

"It's hurtful because when my husband and I are so openly and refined with showing our love," she says after breaking down in tears. "But people choose to look past love and spew hate. That's what hurts me. Because I've never experienced so much hate in my life."

Tamera says she regularly gets berated with hateful comments. "I get called white man's wh*re," she says. "The new one was 'Back in the day you used to cost $300 but now you're giving it to them for free.' Like, stop that."

The Mowry sisters, who are biracial, say they get the opposite hate. Tia Mowry who married a black man says she gets comments saying Tamera "done it right" by marrying a white man. In the end, Tamera Mowry says she doesn't care what people think because her relationship with her husband is based on love, "pure love."

Check out Tamara Mowry addressing the hateful comments regarding her interracial marriage in the video above.

Source: YouTube