Spike Lee being the die-hard Knicks fan that he is, decided to attend their recent game wearing the team's colors, however he probably didn't think that it would make him a prime target for cyber clowning.  He wore a bright orange vest, with a bright orange Knicks scull cap, and a blue long sleeve shirt underneath the vest.  One reason that Spike has been catching so much heat for the outfit, is the hand gestures and physical movements he made while standing courtside cheering on his team.

Spike was filmed as he stood firm with his hands on his hips with big glasses on his face, and at times extending his arm out appearing to scream at the refs.  His physical movements along with the outfit have become a source of hilarious memes popping up all over the Internet, with many of them containing the hashtag "#MamaSpike".

Check out the hilarity above.

Source: bossip.com