We all know by now DMX isn't one to bite his tongue and in a recent interview with 359HipHip.com the emcee expressed his honest feelings about police. DMX, who has been involved in his fair share of arrests and police incidents, viciously unloaded on law enforcement. The rapper believes he has been targeted by police because of his fame.

"Who the f**k gets locked up for driving without a license?" DMX asks. "Me, me. Because I'm famous, that's all. Police suck d**k, that's what the f**k they do. They suck d**k, that's what it is."

"I'm not a criminal, I'm not out there committing crimes and sh*t. I drive my f**king car, I have a car, I drive it. Oh, you wanna pull me over and lock me up? Do what you do homie, but I'll be right back out doing the same thing I was doing eight hours ago. So f**k you."

Check out the anti-police rant by DMX in the video above.

Source: TMZ