Yelawolf is constantly promoting his Slumerican indie label on Instagram, and he has associated his movement with the controversial image of the Confederate Flag on numerous occasions.  Not too long ago, Kanye came out wearing the flag on his clothes and came under fire by the public for his decision to wear a symbol which is often viewed as a reminder of extreme racism and slavery.  

Yelawolf, an Gadsden, Alabama native, has been posting pictures of the Confederate Flag on his Instagram page in correlation with his Slumerican label and movement.  The pictures he's posted show the flag in various snaps alongside shirts, shoes, pants, etc, along with a caption shouting out Slumerican.  He also wore an official Confederate Flag shirt while out celebrating his birthday with friends.  It is a known fact that Yelawolf isn't a racist, and even if he is using the flag as a symbol for his Slumerican label and movement, what do you think about his Confederate Flag collection?