During a recent sit-down with VladTV, comedian Donnell Rawlings weighed in on the many interviews we've done with Brand Nubian emcee Lord Jamar, and more specifically the comments Lord Jamar made about whites and gays in Hip-Hop.

Rawlings believes Lord Jamar may have damaged his career opportunities with the critical comments, and feels that "Jamar won't be doing mainstream gigs from now on."

It didn't take long for Lord Jamar to catch wind of Rawling's words and call him out on Twitter, accusing him of being a sellout.

Rawlings responded with a photo of Jamar's fully nude prison scene from "Oz," and the war then got into full swing.

Check out the fierce and oftentimes hilarious back-and-forth between Lord Jamar and Darnell Rawlings in the above slide.