The feud between Atlanta's trio Migos and Chicago's Chief Keef doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Last month Keef decided to call out Migos for a "sneak diss." Apparently Migos had sneak dissed Keef in a new song of theirs, and the young Chicago rapper wasn't too happy about it. Taking to Twitter, Keef wrote "I Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin", but not long after Keef's tweet, Migos member, Offset, decided to respond (but then deleted) by saying "We'll be in Chiraq next week pull up."

Chief Keef would then warn Migos against coming to Chicago, as they were scheduled to play a show on Dec. 21. "Warning Diss Records Lead to A lot More," he wrote. Well turns out nothing happened and Migos performed that night to a packed house.

But that feud is still looming, especially after Migos released their song "Jealousy," which many believe to be aimed at Chief Keef and his crew. Now, Migos share a vlog entitled "Live From Chiraq" which features the Atlanta trio spending a whole day in Chicago before preparing for a show at Adriannas Night Club.

The trio would walk through what is perceived to be enemy territory, Chief Keef's notoriously violent hood in South Side Chicago. They visit local shops and establishments during their tour and have some harsh words for the Glo Gang leader while on his turf. When someone can be heard saying "Sosa and them" Offset replies with "F**k, they talking bout." The trio would also brag that they walked through "the whole city" and their "chains still on." No word as of yet if Chief Keef has seen the video.

Check out Migos' vlog "Live From Chiraq" above. The moment when Offset sends shots at Chief Keef is around the 1:40 mark. The group brags about having their "chains still on" is around 3:20.