Idris Elba is a known sex symbol in the eyes of his many fans.  His name is often thrown out there when lists pop up about attractive male celebrities, and the power his looks hold over those who admire him became apparent when he posted a recent tweet about his manhood that rests in his pants.  Elba posted a picture of himself sitting in the back of a car while wearing a fresh suit with a bow tie, but it was the caption that sent fans into a frenzy.

"My Bow makes my d*ck hard every time I that normal" he wrote.

Since Elba's tweet made rounds on Twitter, fans have emerged from every cyber shadow possible reacting to his tweet.  Not just ladies who've had a "Swimfan" or "Fatal Attraction" crush on him for a long time, but his male fans as well have come forward posting tweets responding to his reference to his manhood.

Check out what type of ruckus Idris Elba's tweet caused above.