While it was just recently reported that Dwyane Wade fathered a love child while on a break from his now fiance Gabrielle Union, Ludacris has also just fathered a secret child while on a break from his love, Eudoxie.  As it was reported by TMZ, Ludacris had intimate relations with with a woman named Tamika Fuller while on a past break-up from Eudoxie, and got her pregnant.  Luda has apparently acknowledged that he is the father of Cai Bella Bridges, who was born on December 9th, 2013.

Legal documents which were obtained by TMZ show that Luda claims to only earn $25,842.41 a month, which would set his child support payments at $1,754.66.  How do you feel about Ludacris' latest baby mama drama?

Source: bossip.com