In an interview with radio show KMEL Radio, the former video vixen Karrine "Superhead" Steffans gave some insight on her Caribbean background and why she doesn't consider herself African American. Now she's clarifying some things that were said in that interview. She took to Twitter to address some things that people had taken issue with.

"All these descendants of slaves are mad cuz I don't have slavery in my family, white Danes & free Africans who moved to a liberated Denmark," she wrote on her Twitter account. "Everyone with brown skin is not the same and we don't all have the same history and every African was NOT a slave. Chile."

She then concluded with "All this Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and Historical Trauma in my mentions."

Karrine later took to her Instagram account, posting a photo of her family from Denmark, with the caption: "My great-grandfather, his wife to our right, her sister to our left, my grand-aunt in one hand, cigar in another. Lol. This guy. Denmark's coolest."

Check out Karrine Steffans tweets and Instagram family photo in the slide above.