The Game sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV where he spoke on his love for the increasingly popular football video game Madden. After he revealed which playbooks he prefers best, his favorite team, and which team he feels is the most underrated yet effective, he addressed beating Bow Wow for $100,000.

Game stated that they played Madden 2009 and joked that it took Bow Wow a full year to pay him via installments. According to Game, Bow Wow used the Bengals and suffered a 21-0 mercy rule loss in the first quarter. Game went on speak very briefly about the Best Buy Ultimate Gamers Showdown that he was attending in Dallas, Texas for the tournament's finals.

For those who are unaware, the Best Buy Ultimate Gamers Showdown, which took place on December 2nd in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angelos, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Atlanta, was a massive tournament held in order to find the best Madden player in the nation. The winners of the tournament held in each location would win a $1,000 gift card to Best Buy, and a chance to compete in the finals which took place on December 16th in Dallas. The final competitors got to play on the enormous screen at the AT&T Stadium for a chance to win another in $1,500 Best Buy cash, and also the respect deserved to a Madden elite.

Each player got to test their skills on the PS4 next-generation game console on the newest and by far best Madden to date, Madden 25. With the improved fluidity provided by the updated game controls, combined with the polished and impressively realistic next-generation graphics, Madden 25 has it all. The 2013 Best Buy Ultimate Gamers Showdown turned out to be a truly epic tournament that Madden fans will remember for years to come.