It is reported that Chief Keef is nearly a third of the way through the rehab program after his lawyers talked the judge to let him complete his treatment out of state. His Lawyers also said that Chief Keef's record label Interscope agreed to pay the $160,000 cost of the rehab stay. And according to Keef himself, he has also quit drinking lean, the popular recreational drug. Looks like the rehab is actually working for the young Chicago rapper.

Keef took to Twitter to confirm this, writing, "King Keef Has no Genre Nor Language #JusGloTalk Understand Or suck my Duck Oan I don't sip lean nomo."

Keef is an avid lean drinker, having posted many photos to his Instagram page of himself drinking and even mixing the drug in the past. The drink, of course, has also been attributed to many deaths in the hip-hop community. DJ Screw, Pimp C, and Big Moe to name a few. Lil Wayne who raps about lean was hospitalized with seizures after binge drinking.

Check out Chief Keef's tweet in the slide above.

And what do you think about Keef saying he's kicking his lean habit? Do you think it's true? And if so, will he keep his word? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Chicago Tribune