The Ultimate Warrior Battle League "Face Off" event for the January 26th, 2014, Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don "High Stakes" battle card was a huge success and attracted a massive turn-out from fans and media personnel alike.  Aside from the brief altercation between Hollow Da Don and John John Da Don (I'll address that shortly), "The Face Off" succeeded in contributing greatly to the hype behind the most anticipated battle in the history of Battle Rap.  I, VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, was on the scene conducting interviews and capturing exclusive footage from the event.

I arrived at the Studio 34 venue in Orange, New Jersey, courtesy of Naughty By Nature's Vin Rock and Hip-Hop personality and radio host Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia, and jumped right into the media jungle amidst the battlers and fellow camera crews.  Our first interview was with the fast rising and highly respected St. Louis battler B-Magic, where he spoke on his pending battle with Daylyt on the "High Stakes" card, and his battle with Ill Will the day prior at the "Born Legacy" event.  In response to Magic, my interview with the always entertaining Daylyt consisted of him revealing that he'll be bringing "The Matrix" to his battle with B-Magic, and he also spoke on his controversial "Paul Walker" music video.  

I also conducted interviews with Ray Swag and Calicoe before locking in an interview with Loaded Lux.  Lux spoke humbly about his pending battle with Hollow Da Don and how he believes that both he and Hollow will rise above the pressure that rests on their shoulders for this battle to make it the classic that it has the potential to be.  In true Lux fashion he spoke with that smooth preacher-like style that as I've always joked with him, sounds like he's delivering a prophesy.

After all of the interviews had concluded, some very entertaining UW Draft battles took place where the talents of aspiring battle MC's with a lesser-known name were showcased in full.  Two new talents, A.B.U. and Nice, won the remaining two spots available on the "High Stakes" card by participating in 3-round judged battles.  It was after all of the Draft battles concluded that the dramatic face-offs took place.

First up was Daylyt against B-Magic, with host Jay Black from the comedic YouTube battle reaction videos.  They both remained rather calm during their face-off but made their confidence within their ability to defeat the other known to the audience of Battle Rap fans and media alike.  Daylyt provided the crowd with some classic humor, as he jokingly yet very seriously stated that he will be bringing "The Matrix" to the UW stage, and that he and Magic will disappear into thin air during the battle and return with Daylyt standing in a victory pose.

The next face-off to take place was between Hitman Holla and O-Red, who each turned up on the other and got the crowd riled up.  Together they barked back-and-forth sending verbal jabs firing across the table that could potentially end up appearing in the form of battle bars when they step into the ring.  Calicoe vs Tsu Surf was next, and this might've been the most entertaining stare down and trash talking session yet, for both Surf and Cal really got heated during their pre-battle shouting match.  

Surf got personal with Calicoe when he brought up his father, which lead to both battlers rising from their seats and engage in an intense shouting match which nearly had them jumping across the table at each others throats.  Shortly after they sat back down is when the altercation occurred between John John and Hollow. 

Without going into too much detail and taking away from the positive energy of the event, as Hollow stated in his blog, he swung first at John John over issues stemming from their past.  The pair exchanged blows and wound up slamming into a glass mirror which broke and ended with a tussling match on the floor before the altercation was broken up.  They were separated and after the tension in the air had died down, John John left the venue out of respect for the event and the culture of Battle Rap as a whole.  In a mutual show of respect, Hollow apologized to the staff for what happened and the face-off between him and Lux continued as planned.

While it is customary of Lux to maintain a calm and poised demeanor, Hollow on the other hand carried the weight of the face-off as he actually got personal with Lux.  He jabbed at Lux by hinting at his age and also told the crowd that he plans on exposing the man, John Lux, behind the street preacher persona he gives off.  If Hollow really comes at Lux with serious personals during the battle, it'll only make it that much more interesting and classic, for exposing personals regarding Lux's life is a tactic that has never really been utilized by past opponents.

The UW Battle League "High Stakes" event is looking promising.  Footage from the event captured by VladTV cameras will be releasing in the near future, as will the official UW face-offs.  Out of all of the battles, which are you looking forward to most?  Which do you predict will be the most classic?  Will Daylyt actually enter "The Matrix" during his battle with B-Magic?  Do you think Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don will live up to the hype that surrounds it?  

These are all questions that can only be answered on January 26th.  Be sure to buy your tickets for the event taking place at ENVY Night Club located at 323 N Broad St Elizabeth, NJ. Tickets are available for purchase here.  If you can't make it to the event for some reason be sure to purchase it live on U-Stream, and witness truly memorable Battle Rap history be made the moment that everything unfolds.  Be sure to visit the official UW Battle League website for more news on the UW Battle League "High Stakes" event.  Let history begin.

If you have yet to purchase your tickets for the event you can get them here, and you can also purchase the live pay-per-view UStream here.  The footage of the epic face offs will also be available via UStream as well which you can access here.