NFL legend Jim Brown was the featured guest on The Arsenio Hall Show recently, and during his visit Brown spoke on one of the NBA greats, Kobe Bryant.  When asked about his thoughts on Kobe, one of the first things Brown said was "He threw Shaq under the bus.  And he is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country so he doesn't quite fit what's happening in America."  

He continued by acknowledging Kobe's superior basketball abilities, however he referred back to a summit many years ago which brought many of the top Black athletes together to speak with Muhammad Ali about his position against the armed forces, and Jim explained that he wouldn't invite Kobe if there was a summit occurring presently.

"In the days when we had a summit and called the top Black athletes together to talk to Muhammad Ali about his status with the armed forces, there were some athletes we didn't call.  If I had to call that summit all over there'd be some athletes I wouldn't call. Kobe would be one of them."