A series of pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela's memorial service have flooded the web, but they weren't of the usual smiles that the public is used to seeing from the married couple.  Barack was initially sitting next to Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, and the two appeared to be sharing pleasantries, something that Michelle didn't appear to be too happy about.

While Barack was busy smiling and laughing with Ms. Schmidt, Michelle was sitting to his left casting some seriously cold glances their way.  Barack even snuggled close for a fun selfie pic with Ms. Schmidt along with British Prime Minister David Cameron, but Michelle noticeably stayed out of the picture.  One pic was captured of Barack trying to place his hand on Michelle's shoulder and her response was a classic eye-roll away from him.  

It appears as though Barack eventually changed his seat and sat on the opposite side of Michelle, leaving her in between him and Ms. Schmidt.  His demeanor seemed to shift to a more serious tone once he switched his seat, and Michelle was photographed looking back at Schmidt with yet another cold stare.

Since the pictures hit the web, "Michelle Obama" has become a highly talked about trending topic on Twitter. 

Was Barack getting too friendly with Helle Thoring Schmidt in Michelle's eyes?  You be the judge.

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