John John Da Don sat down with VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes and spoke on his predictions for the highly anticipated battle between Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don.  John John personally feels that the battle will be a let down for multiple reasons.  He doesn't think Hollow's performance or bars will live up to the hype for a match-up of this magnitude, nor does he think Lux will be able to surpass his incredible performance at Summer Madness 2 vs Calicoe.  John also agreed with statements that Daylyt made in his past VladTV interview, that since their styles are so opposite the fans of each battler won't let there be a clear victory for either opponent.

John John went on to discuss the Summer Madness 3 cancellation, his past battle with Math Hoffa and behind the scenes issues they had with one another, and his past and current relations with Bonnie Godiva.