Chicago cops have made Lamrons Public Enemy No. 1 in the Englewood police district. After a year of work, Chicago Police are now providing an inside look at how they targeted a gang celebrated by the now-infamous Chicago rapper Chief Keef. Reportedly it's a gang that branched out beyond the typical drug and gun crimes and is making inroads and big money in identity theft and counterfeiting.

So far, the results of the police offensive are mixed. Shooting incidents, both fatal and nonfatal combined, are way down in the district. Still, murders are up slightly. The Lamrons, a faction of the Black Disciples, claim territory between the Dan Ryan Expy. and Halsted Street from 59th to 67th. They're named after a stretch of Normal Avenue (Normal spelled backward is Lamron.)

Chicago rapper Chief Keef makes songs with lyrics full of references to the faction. The rapper drew headlines last year when a message posted on his Twitter account mocked the Sept. 4, 2012, murder of rapper Joseph "Lil' JoJo" Coleman. Lil' JoJo was affiliated with the Lamrons' rivals, the Brick Squad faction of the Gangster Disciples.

"A lot of this spiked with the Lil' JoJo and Chief Keef stuff," said Nicholas Roti, chief of the department's Organized Crime Bureau. "They [gangs] started going back and forth with shootings."

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