While the weather is getting colder, the streets are heating up. Not long after Chief Keef took to Twitter and blasted Soulja Boy with a fake phone number, Keef decided to call out Migos for a "sneak diss." Apparently Migos had sneak dissed Keef in a new song of theirs, and the young Chicago rapper wasn't happy about it. Taking to Twitter, Keef wrote "I Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin", but not long after Keef's tweet, Migos member, Offset, decided to respond (but then deleted) by saying "We'll be in Chiraq next week pull up."

The exchange continued between the camps when Keef laughed off Migos' threat, writing "Lol "Pull Up" #CallMeSosaSanta" Keef's tweets turned a bit more sinister with threats of violence. He went on to mock a line from Migos' song "Young Rich Ni**as" by writing "What they say money, power, Respect? Well b**ch It's money, & power with the Tec!"

Keef continued his threats in the form of spitting rhymes: "I got Some ni**as With a Bunch of Tools they Come thru Screwing shit Like moppers do!" and "Like don't be Talkin when my choppa do Turn ya Block to Lil B b**ch Wounton soup!"

Keef later clowned and accused the Migos of wearing fake jewelry: "Fake A** Jewels On all my dead Homies Tho!" he wrote. Migos issued a final statement saying they entertain money, not bullsh*t: "Migos don't sneak diss and don't entertain bullsh*t. We entertain money #YRN2 #QC," they wrote.

Check out all of the tweets between Chief Keef and Migos in the above slide.

Source: Kollege Kidd