Lucky OK State student Matt McGann, whose creative Lisa Ann sign that appeared on GameDay, has officially earned hims a very special date with Lisa Ann.  His creative sign that found its way to rest in front of TV cameras read, "Baylor's defense has more holes to fill than Lisa Ann."

Many might expect her to get offended by the comical sign, for there are various reasons why a woman might take offense to this.  However, Lisa Ann is in fact a big sports fan and a person with a sense of humor, so she wasn't at all upset by it, but rather flattered and amused by it.  Lisa and Matt have traded numerous tweets back and forth trying to map out a potential date to go to a game together, but her busy schedule has prevented that from happening.

Instead, Lisa decided to invite him to be her date to the AVN Awards live on TMZ, to which Matt humbly accepted.  She also tweeted about the news of her lucky date attending the AVN Awards with her.

Check out all of the tweets above.