Lord Jamar's previous comments made on VladTV about the presence of white rappers in hip-hop has continued to be a hot topic as time passes by.  Complex spoke with Hopsin over the phone about his thoughts on Lord Jamar's opinions on white rappers.  Hopsin realizes that Jamar is entitled to his own opinion, but he does not, however, agree with Jamar's views, and believes that Jamar isn't doing anything else to stay relevant aside from making bold statements and picking arguments with people.

"He's entitled to his own opinion and I'm entitled to mine. I think he's a f**king dumbass for saying that and pulling the white card on white rappers and saying it's a black thing. Yeah it was, but times have changed. When you break it down, what white rappers are coming in? Some people are like 'racism is still existing' and 'this was a black people's thing and these white people came and took it over.'

"What white people really came in and took it over? Rap is a thing where you have to be dope in order to get in—especially if you're white. If you're dope and can spit a 16, it doesn't matter what color you are. Come on in. That's how rap works.

"Macklemore is not a wack rapper, Machine Gun Kelly is not a wack rapper, Eminem is not a wack rapper. These guys aren't spitting some bullsh*t and they are taking over. They don't look like some nerdy corny business guys that came straight out of college and all of a sudden they're billionaires in the rap game and make every black rapper look stupid. Kendrick Lamar is making a lot of money, J. Cole is making a lot of f**king money, I'm making money, Tech N9ne is making money, and Drake is making money. You don't see Drake going, 'Damn these white rappers taking all my money.'

"It's so stupid. The white guys aren't taking over the rap game and f**king it up. Eminem made it and he deserves it—not many people can rip like he does. Macklemore is dope, has been grinding for a f**king long time, he changed a lot of people's lives, and he's good. Machine Gun Kelly is the same way and he inspires me. I'm a f**king black rapper and I see some sh*t he does and I'm like, 'Oh sh*t.'

"It's not about race, its about dope sh*t and talent that inspires more talent. It's all love. If you see somebody like f**king George Bush rapping and all of a sudden he's taking over the radio—you'd be like, 'OK, this George Bush motherf**ker is on the radio with this hit out of nowhere.' Then it's like, 'Something fishy is going on here.'

"If this white guy is trying to kill the black population off in hip-hop and then you see all these other guys following him, then it would be questionable—but you don't see that. When you turn on the radio, how many white rappers do you actually hear? All I hear is a bunch of J. Cole, a bunch of Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz. Where are the white people and how have they taken over? It's just a dumb argument to begin with.

"Lord Jamar, from what I've been seeing from him, he's irrelevant and he's looking for anything. He's like the Paris Hilton of rap, he's getting big off a buzz that doesn't really mean anything when you break it down. What is he doing? He's an irrelevant old fart who is just doing something to get people to notice.

"I don't know if he's going to drop an album or anything. All I see on my Facebook news feed is Lord Jamar starting sh*t with other people. Where's the music? All I see is Twitter arguments. Come on man. What are you? Are you an argument guy—do you want to go on a debate? Are you here to do hip-hop? I don't know dude. It's stupid."

Source: complex.com