Nas has been vocal about his take on the state of hip-hop in the past and during a recent video interview with NBC's Talk Stoop the Life Is Good emcee discusses how he sees the culture at the moment. And surprise, he still isn't too happy about it.

"Today [Hip Hop] lost integrity. It's lost meaning. It's lost it's love which is why I made a Hip Hop Is Dead album," says Nas. He goes on to add that "the realness" of Hip Hop is dead.

Nas planned to use another album as a platform to make a statement as well. His 2008 LP was originally going to be named Ni**er before he changed it to Untitled. When Talk Stoop host Cat Greenleaf asked Nas what she should to tell her adopted African American children when they ask about the "N-word" the 20 year music veteran offered his advice.

"The truth. You know what racism is. You know what discrimination is," stated Nas. "You can research it together and experience it together and get a whole different answer." 

Watch the full interview above. 

Source: YouTube