In a recent interview with DBL CIN, Tech N9ne expressed uncertainty at Lil Wayne and Jay Z's ability to craft a record without writing down any of their lyrics.

"I don't believe Jay or Wayne," said the rapper. "My niggas is tight. But I believe they write it down somewhere and memorize that shit," said the Kansas City emcee.

However he quickly doubled back as he recalled a recording session he walked into while working with Lil Wayne in Miami, Florida.

According to the Kansas City rapper, around 3 to 4 AM he walked into the studio and witnessed Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, and others staring at the ceiling before Lil Wayne broke his gaze to ask a question about a lyric and proceeded to stare at the ceiling again.

"Well, let me say about Wayne, though. I did witness some shit with Wayne. I ain't never witnessed it with Jay Z. I witnessed Wayne when I was down there. Nigga, it was the creepiest shit I ever seen in my life. It was like some alien shit, my nigga. Okay, keep in mind I been writing for a long time...We pretty much do things the same in the studio...I walked in and them niggas was all looking up like this...I just wanted to see what they was doing and they was all looking up."

Watch the Tech N9ne interview above.

Source: YouTube