Everyone who follows Battle Rap at all is aware of the brawl that went down at Summer Madness 3 between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones.  Since then, both Math and Serius have gone on to discuss the fight with VladTV, explaining both sides of the story.  Serius Jones has addressed the issue in past blogs, saying that what happened between them is something that should be kept off camera and be handled behind the scenes, and it looks like round 2 has gone down away from the spotlight.

Serius Jones stirred up some drama yesterday, October 15th, when he posted an Instagram video of himself driving in his car showing off random spots of blood on his clothes.  He held up his fist to the camera and showed a small drop of blood on his pants, along with some legit blood stains on shirt, stating, "But that's not my blood people. Turn up!"

The Instagram video sparked rumors that he retaliated against Math Hoffa.  Many people began tweeting at Serius inquiring about what happened and also praising him for allegedly getting even.  However, Math Hoffa has a different side to the story.  He posted a picture on Instagram of Serius Jones appearing to be dancing with a woman inside of the venue they both happened to be at, and claims that he watched Serius "speed drink to get enough courage to say something to me... ur not built like that dog... cut it out!"

Math claims that Serius is lying about beating him up and that Serius is actually the one who took another beating.  He tweeted that the blood seen on Serius Jones' clothes is actually his own, and that Serius basically got dropped and was allegedly hugging Math's leg on the floor to avoid further punishment.  Math also stated that it wasn't a smart move getting other people involved, which raises the question of whether the altercation was a group brawl, a jumping, etc?

The fact remains that Math Hoffa and Serius Jones threw hands for a second time in Miami.  Serius Jones says he's waiting for footage to drop because he knows it will, and Math said that if footage does get released, it will prove that Serius Jones is lying.

Who do you believe was the aggressor in this second altercation that occurred in Miami?  Who do you believe took the bulk of the damage?  The biggest question to ask is, if the blood on Serius Jones' clothes isn't Math's or Serius', then whose blood is it?

Check out tweets from both sides explaining the situation above, along with reactions from some Battle Rap fans.