Cassidy recently inked a deal with Dan Herman, CEO of Chinga Chang Records, who was initially trying to sign Amanda Bynes. However, due to her extended medical treatment due to mental health issues, Herman gave her $250,000 advance to Cassidy instead.  Dan skipped all the middle men and apparently called Cassidy's wife directly, informing her that he wanted to sign her husband.  Cassidy reported to RumorFix about his new deal with Chinga Chang Records.

"I mean it's incredible that I'm finally back linking up with a major [record label], but this time around I got total control. Me and D [Dan] have the same mentality on this game.  We recognize that people like Meek Mills, Drake and all those other clowns on the radio are feminizing the game. Skinny jeans? C'mon!"

Cassidy is currently working on a new album titled "Mr. Hip Hop."  Look out for his work with Chinga Chang in the near future.