A young woman fed up with the daily routine required of her from her job posted a video on YouTube on September 28th, 2013, that went viral and already has over 5 million views.  The video begins with the text, "It's 4:30 am and I am at work."  The woman is setting up a camera in various locations and once the beat drops for Kanye's "Gone" single she begins dancing all over the place.  

The story as to why she recorded this video unfolds as she danced with various captions popping up at the bottom of the screen which explain the situation.  She apparently worked for a company that produced news videos and she was fed up with her boss who she claimed only cared about the view quantity that the videos got rather than quality.  She claimed to have devoted her life to the job and was tired of the way things are run so she recorded this video to announce that she was quitting.  It must've been shocking for her boss to get the news that she quit in such a creative way.

Check out the viral video above.