After leaving G.O.O.D. Music earlier this year, Kid Cudi embarked on his "Cud Life Tour," which he performs entirely in a custom made space suit. The second skin suit was made by Hollywood costume designer Jose Hernandez, and was officially dubbed the "Satellite Academy Space Suit."

Cudi told Complex he got the idea for the suit after watching Will and Jaden Smith in "After Earth," and contacted Hernandez, who created the costumes for the movie. Both Cudi and Hernandez worked out every little detail of the suit, which features hidden elements, like a zipper for bathroom breaks. 

"The first special feature is that there's a zip-hole for me to take a bathroom break—not kidding—that no one knows about. There's that. Also, it's really comfortable. We did a full-body scan so that it would be totally designed for my body, and it fits really well. It's actually a bit of a workout on stage, and it feels awesome to be performing in it and sweating." 

Check out some photos of Cudi's suit that have been popping up on Instagram, and let us know what you think in the below comments: 

Source: Instagram