Justin Bieber has finally had enough of Lil Twist and Lil Za's irresponsible antics, and TMZ reports that he has kicked them out of his Calabasas mansion. The final straw appears to be the disappearance of some expensive jewelry from the Biebs' home.

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ, Justin was outraged earlier this month when he discovered the jewelry and some other items were gone. Twist and Za had both been staying at the house and had thrown several parties while Justin was away.

Justin doesn't know who filched the bling, but he blamed Twist and Za since the theft happened while they were in charge of the home. He ordered them to pack up their things and move out and sources tell TMZ they were both furious at having to go.

Sources tell TMZ Justin has finally realized he's heading down a bad road, and is taking steps to cut the negative elements out of his life.

Source: tmz.com