A man claiming to be a government whistleblower and former Department of Defense member recently dropped a remarkably shocking video. In the footage, Robert Connors professes that the government has been involved with an extensive secret program to control the African-American population.

He reveals a program called MK Ultra, a long-rumored mind control program undertaken by the US government. According to Connors, Ronald Reagan and others aimed to control the minds of minorities through the use of music, and he has the recordings to prove it. Connors calls on other DoD members to come forward, or else he will broadcast his evidence.

This program has been considered a long-shot conspiracy by many, but Connors' evidence could prove its existence. He gave the DoD until September 23 to "disclose the information."

Upon a quick Google search, it looks like Connors does exist. Could this be more than a conspiracy? Check out the video above.