This is Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes reporting on the fight between Serius Jones vs Math Hoffa.  

Summer Madness 3 was a wild event from start to finish.  From curvaceous ring card girls to epic performances, it was full of energy throughout. However, its conclusion was a rather unfortunate one.  

During the Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones' battle, tension seemed to be high as Serius tried to rap for longer than the 4-minute time limit, and his three naked female companions on stage were rather distracting during Math's first verse.  

Regardless of what was going on, no one could've predicted what happened next.  Math Hoffa finished a bar and didn't receive as much crowd reaction as expected, so Serius mocked him by shouting "Woo," as if to say "that's all you got?"  Serius' mockery of Math's craft didn't sit to well with Hoffa, so he retaliated with a hard punch clean to Serius' jaw.  A fight broke out on stage between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones, with Serius ending up on the floor, and the whole event was sadly cancelled right afterward.

Many people started throwing rumors around stating that Serius swung first, and that he got knocked out. However, Serius put together a blog to explain the situation from his point of view.  He feels what Math did was some "sucka sh*t" and that Math "stole him" or "sucker punched" him while he was looking at the girls he had on stage.

Hear Serius Jones' full side of the story above.