Miley Cyrus certainly got turned up to the maximum during her time onstage performing at the 2013 VMAs at the Brooklyn Barclays Center.  She came on stage wearing some very tiny pigtails and a tight one-piece with a cartoon character design on the front.  Almost as soon as the music started, Miley was bending over shaking her cheeks for the crowd's pleasure.  

When Robin Thicke walked on stage to perform his "Blurred Lines" with her, she even dropped it low in front of him as she bent down at a ninety-degree angle and twerked with her buttocks right in his crotch.  A lot of people on Twitter commended her for being so "turned up" during her performance, although there were some who decided that her curves aren't up to par with the twerking.

Miley stripped down to a tight latex two-piece when Robin Thicke came on stage, with the bottom half of her outfit serving as booty shorts, considering they only covered half of her cheeks. The revealing outfit led to many Twitter users commenting on the  size of her backside, which spawned the hashtag #MileyCyrusAssSmallerThan, mocking the size of her buttocks.  Some compared her cheeks to her pigtails she wore during the show, which also were extremely small.

Check out many of the #MileyCyrusAs*SmallerThan tweets above. 

What do you think of Miley's cheeks?