Mike Tyson may have made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he's actively attempting to make amends. Tyson and his former trainer Teddy Atlas had a falling out back in 1983, when Mike allegedly made a sexually inappropriate comment towards an 11-year-old niece of Atlas. The confrontation resulted in Atlas pulling a gun on Tyson, and even firing off a warning shot.

On Friday, Mike began amending broken friendships by shaking Teddy Atlas' hand, and squashing their 30-year-long beef.

In addition, Iron Mike says he's been lying to everyone about his sobriety, and has only been sober for six days. His issues with drugs and alcohol are so dire that he claims he's "on the verge of dying."

At least it looks like Mike is taking a step in the right direction. Check out Mike's press conference above where he speaks on making up with Teddy and his sobriety.

Source: YouTube