Two Houston teenage girls, 16-year-old Liana Andrews, and 14-year-old Kacie Watson, went missing on Friday night, August 16th.  The pair were last seen by Liana's grandmother who was watching over them before going to bed.

"Liana and Kacie were both in Liana's bedroom on the phone giggling,' said Liana's mother, Lana Turner. "That's the last time anyone saw them." 

Liana's grandmother received a text message from he granddaughter that they would be home the next day around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, however they never arrived.  Liana's mother's car, a 2001 Gold Chrysler Sebring also went missing but was found days later in Downtown San Antonia near the courthouse.  Some of Liana and Kacie's belongings were still in the car, which has lead the family to believe that they are in grave danger.  

Their families strongly believe the two girls went to meet up with a man they met in the past online, and something obviously went wrong during the meet.  The FBI has gotten involved to help with the search.

If you have any information on Kacie or Liana's whereabouts, please call the Harris County Sheriff's Office at 713-221-6000.