27-year-old adult film star Alicia Tyler was on the cusp of a career comeback since going on hiatus back in 2009 due to the birth of her daughter. However, her life sadly ended without warning on Sunday, August 11th, while she was resting in her mother's home. According to AVN.com, Alicia's mother found her unresponsive and performed CPR on her until medical staff arrived on the scene, at which point she was pronounced dead.

A statement was issued yesterday, August 15th by CEO of CST Management who represented Alicia during her adult film career.

"A lot of speculation has been spreading that [Tyler] died of some type of drug overdose, but that information has not been substantiated in any way. Alicia has been in and out of the hospital over the past few months with severe stomach issues and breathing problems. Those who knew Alicia personally are aware that she has long suffered from bad asthma, which coupled with her more recent medical issues are the likely cause of her untimely passing.

"All of us here at CST Management and subsidiaries are shocked and devastated by [Tyler's] death. She was a true bright star in our media development division. Alicia was in the midst of a career revival with the release of her upcoming biography as well as her new adult web-based drama series due out in January 2014. I would like to express not only mine but that of everyone here at CST Management's condolences to her family and to all those with heavy hearts in the wake of her passing."

Fellow adult actor Mr. Marcus tweeted out the news and commented on her talents in front of the camera.

"She [Alicia] gave a passionate performance that felt natural and elevated the scene. You could consider her a sexual goddess with ample sex appeal. She was definitely a fan favorite."

Source: bossip.com