It looks like Daylyt took the advice of DJ Vlad a little too seriously during their interview out in LA, and now things might get even more interesting at Summer Madness 3 during his battle vs Swave Sevah.  During Vlad's interview with Daylyt, he was discussing all of Daylyt's wild antics that Day has utilized in past battles, such as wearing a KKK mask, a Batman costume, and getting naked, and he asked Daylyt what he could do to top getting naked in front of a live crowd.  Vlad then JOKINGLY suggested "taking a sh*t on stage." However, when talking to Daylyt things are rarely taken as a joke, and now that actually might happen at Summer Madness 3.

Smack/URL recently announced that Daylyt vs Swave Sevah was going to be one of the epic battles occurring at Summer Madness 3, and Daylyt sent out a tweet regarding the JOKE that Vlad suggested to him.

"i will be taken a shit on the url stage ..yo @djvlad. thanks for the idea," he tweeted.

Seeing how Daylyt has taken his antics to the next level in the past, the thought that he actually might "be taken a sh*t on the url stage" shouldn't be taken lightly.  Who knows if Daylyt will actually do it, or if it is a symbolic way of him saying that his bars and overall performance is going to be so crazy that he'll "be taken a sh*t on the url stage" by beating down his opponent Swave Sevah lyrically.

At this point it's unclear and remains to be seen.  Fans will have to attend Summer Madness 3 on September 8th at Stage 48 to find out!

In the meantime, check out the numerous tweets above that Daylyt has been posting to promote his battle vs Swave Sevah.

Do you really think he'll "be taken a sh*t on stage"?