Bonnie Godiva has made quite a name for herself since she first made an impact on the Sparring Session and then advanced to the main QOTR stage.  She's recently taken her talents to the West Coast, locking down two solid bodies on both trips to add to her collection of victories.  Each time she steps into the ring, there's one thing that you've got to love, aside from her hard-hitting punchlines and vast array of bars, and that's her natural good looks.  

Even though she's a killer in the ring, she carries herself in a very respectable lady-like fashion when she's not in battle mode which only makes her looks even more eye-catching.  She's been given the nickname "Buns of Steel" for a reason, and looking at her Instagram profile, it's very easy to become a fan of Bonnie's curvy assets and naturally pretty face.

Check out her hottest Instagram pictures above. 

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