Ransom recently released a song titled "Man Alone," in which he drops a line about Nicki Minaj that many have interpreted as him claiming to have been her ghostwriter in the past.  She was filmed by a TMZ camera recently in Hollywood going off about the alleged claims, saying how he "must be desperate" to say something like that.

Ransom and Nicki have since gone back-and-forth on Twitter about the matter.  Ransom has tried to explain to her that she doesn't need to be upset because he clearly never said that he was her ghostwriter on the song, but Nicki wasn't having it, saying that the issue is the fact that the line was misinterpreted when it could have easily been reworded.

The pair of rappers seemed to leave things up in the air, as Nicki stated that she has to protect herself, but that she also wishes him the best, while Ransom responded by saying "now I have to protect myself."

See the tweets above.

Ransom has since sat down with VladTV for an exclusive interview, explaining his perspective on the situation and how he doesn't believe she should snap at him because he feels as though he helped her in the past.