Michael Vick revealed that he has forgiven his fellow teammate Riley Cooper for saying the n-word on tape. The embattled football star claims that he's "been there before," likely referring to being crucified by the media while going through his animal fighting case.

"What if your son or daughter made a mistake of this factor? How would you want people to perceive it? I've been there before. Him being my brother, knowing him for so long, it's hard to defend him saying that. At the same, time, it happened. We talked about it man to man, one on one. We just know that we have to some way move on. It's a very delicate situation. But we all understand. Somehow we all have to find a way to get past it. That's maturity in itself.''

While Vick has forgiven his teammate, the internet wasn't so kind, as memes began rolling out in droves. Hit the above slide to see some of the online reaction to the scandal:

Source: theurbandaily.com