St. Louis rapper Hitman Holla has formed a slight rift between himself and Smack/URL, or at least that's the way it seems based off of the numerous tweets that have been surfacing.  Holla posted a tweet expressing his severe frustration with Smack/URL's decision to upload Aye Verb vs Arsonal's St. Louis battle before his NOME 3 battle vs Conceited.

His tweet claimed that Smack would have a serious problem if he decided to drop the Verb battle first, which sparked a series of harsh tweets to follow.  Hitman threatened to knock out Norbes in some tweets, and Holla later claimed that Smack/URL banned him after he posted various angry comments aimed at Smack and the URL staff.  This prompted Smack, URL, and Norbes to all respond on Twitter as well.

Check out the tweets above.