Though it initially seemed avoidable, it looks like Chief Keef and Lil Durk are beefing for real. The end of this past week has seen both rappers taking shots at each other on Twitter, marking the beginning of a potentially dangerous beef.

The first signs of the beef came when Chief Keef tweeted at Durk, "What happen to OTF? U ain't rocking with it?"

Two days later, Durk responded with several tweets and retweets of his own.

"Dats like praying on DA weak lol we got DA city #OTF300," tweeted Durk.

Despite his anger, however, Durk made it clear he doesn't intend on starting a GBE vs. OTF war. The underlying reason for the beef is so far unknown, but it definitely only involves Chief Keef.

"S/o to @lilreese300 and @fredosantana300 for bin 100 and not #fufu #squaaaaaad," tweeted Durk.

During the exchange of tweets, Atlanta rapper and GBE enemy Soulja Boy somehow got mixed up in everything as well. Durk warned that this beef wouldn't be so tame, since he's no Soulja Boy.

"Warning, I'm not #souljaboy dis sh*t can get ugly," tweeted Durk.

And if cooler heads cannot prevail, the beef may very well get ugly. Keef and Durk both spoke of guns in their exchange of tweets, expressing their willingness to turn things violent.

"How many guns dese f**k n*ggas gone make me grab?" tweeted Keef.

Hopefully, none. We'll be keeping an eye on this beef as it progresses.